Operation Christmas Child

at Little River

540+  Boxes!

 We have been so blessed this year.  The youth of our church challenged everyone else by packing 84 shoeboxes early in the season.   Jennifer shared with us that our church and community has  packed at least 540 shoeboxes to send around the world via Samaritan's Purse.

If each box touches 7 lives, and then each person with a box shares 9 times, those boxes can conceivably reach more than 33,000 persons with the message of Jesus Christ!   God is good!

Pack a box---reach a child---make a difference

  1. Guidelines for Shoebox


We have plenty of shoeboxes available at the church for you to pick up to pack---or we can deliver a box to you if you would prefer.  If so, please call the church office for a delivery


Ideas for gifts that can be packed to make a difference for a child can be found on the Samaritan's Purse website.

Click here for packing ideas:

Packing Party

@ Little River

We will be holding a "Packing Party" in the fellowship hall Friday, November 13th in the evening.   

Up until that we are collecting items to pack in boxes at the church.  Please plan to join us for this fun packing time.

Register here to join us
for the Packing Party





LRBC is an official drop site for Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry.  National Collection Week is Monday, Nov. 16-23.


Volunteer to help!  We have many time slots to ensure that we can handle the drop-off of boxes from other churches and from our communities.

We will need volunteers on-site to receive these boxes from Nov. 16th - Nov. 23rd.


Please choose a time slot(s) when you can help with this project.


Drop-off Time Slots

Click here



Pack an


Wouldn't you like to be a part of this?

Step up and pack one box or several as we join Samaritan's Purse in reaching children around the world for Jesus Christ.

Statistics show that every box that is packed touches at least seven (7) lives.

Shoeboxes go everywhere across the world.  Prayerfully pick out the gifts to send to a young boy or girl. 

Read this description from one who delivered shoeboxes:

"Inside the shoebox gifts were balls, stuffed animals, toy cars, necklaces, and crayons—none of which they had seen before! Dian also said, “There were bright handknit hats to keep them warm at night, on cold days, or when they are shaking from malaria.” And in some shoeboxes, there were letters and photos from the people who had packed them."