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2020 Trunk 'n Treat

Even in the midst of these strange times in our country, we were able to share the love of Christ during the Trunk 'n Treat at our church.  Children - families - were treated to a time of fellowship and fun-- with loads of love and candy and hot dogs  if they chose.  Please enjoy the pictures from this time.


Fall Festival

Fall festival was FUN!!! --- even with the rain!  Everyone moved inside and still had a great time

Check the pictures below:



Veteran's Restoration Quarters

Members from LRBC have the opportunity to travel one Sunday monrning a month to the Veterans' Restoration Quarters in Oteen.  They are able to minister to the veterans living here by providng  a Sunday lunch meal.

Interested in being a part of this ministry?  See Sherwood Mackey, Cathy Bond, Keith Owen, and others.

Check out the pictures of one Sunday's meeting.

VRQ Service




OUr church has been working in our community and county for several years in what we call "mission possible,"

making a difference in people's live through doing work around their houses--tasks that are sometimes too hard for them to do..

We have painted, hauled brush, weed-eated, washed windows, cleaned name it!

2020, however, has been different.  As we searched for a way to minister in our county, we realized that anything we could do to bring a "ray of sushine to the folks in our rest homes would be a worthy goal.  See yearrs of Mission Possible pictures-especially check our "2020's Caravan of Hope."




2020-Caravan of Hope

Haiti Mission Trips

Little River has been working for many years in Haiti with Pastor Fred Wall, traveling to the little town of Lapila on the plateau.  While there we help Mr. Wall with the ministries in which he is involved:

--medical clinics for those in need

--building churches for the people

--painting / roofing other churches

--holding worship services

--working at Mr. Wall's place.

Please choose below to view pictures from several years of mission work.

2019             2020

Butler, PA

Mission Trips

Hillcrest Baptist Church of Butler, PA, began as a youth mission trip several years ago has become a church-wide opportunity.  

See pictures from 2019. 


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