We want to see God move in our community

Little River Baptist Church (LRBC) first began meeting in 1837. Reverend James Blythe, along with 26 other individuals, were the charter members of LRBC which was officially constituted in November 1838.


We are a Body of Believers where:


  • People can begin to build a deep relationship with Jesus Christ and with fellow Believers, people do life together in genuine community, and grow spiritually in an atmosphere of God's Grace.
  • Real problems are solved and real needs are met as people are drawn closer to God.
  • People recover from hurts, habits, and hang-ups that prevent them from enjoying meaningful relationship with God and with each other.
  • God's Word is honored as our highest authority on earth and as the source of real and abundant life.
  • People serve one another according to the way that God has shaped them with spiritual gifts, passion, talents, and experiences that are a part of how we meet the needs of others inside and outside or our church family.
  • The church matters to its community; it is one that makes visible, noticeable, and tangible differences on behalf of Christ in the real problems that exist.
  • Changed lives are celebrated; an atmosphere of freedom to grow and serve is cultivated; and people are empowered with confidence to do so.


How We Work

  • We are a family, so we operate on the basis of relationships not rules.
  • We are a fellowship, so we focus on what unifies us.
  • We are a body not a business, so we serve each other according to our shape.
  • We are a flock, so we are cared for and led by shepherds, called pastors with the help of deacons (servants of the church).

Our Vision

LRBC exists to be a visible testimony of Jesus Christ to the watching world.

We are a purpose driven church, which means we are driven by God's eternal purposes rather than traditions, buildings, budgets, or personalities.


Our Values

  1. Jesus first! We trust His Word, follow His Lead, and honor Him above all.
  2. We are driven by purpose, not by programs, personalities, buildings, or budgets.
  3. We keep it real and right against fake. We live and lead with authenticity.
  4. We are broken people discovering healing together. We embrace messy ministry.
  5. Everybody belongs. We care about the heart, not the skin, the clothes, or the body art.
  6. We discover our gifts and grow from consumers into contributors. We do not wish for people to feel "used."
  7. We grow larger and smaller at the same time. We gather together and scatter together.
  8. We plant churches, partner with the community, and go to the ends of the earth.


Small Beginnings

Little River Baptist Church (LRBC) first began meeting in 1837. Reverend James Blythe, along with 26 other individuals, were the charter members of LRBC which was officially constituted in November 1838.




We have grown to the church family we are today through many pastors and families dedicated to their LORD and serving their community.  The building in which we meet today are the result of many years of growth and transformation.  None of us are perfect--we are simply striving to obey God's command---to---


"Go and make Disciples"


Marc Reynolds


Marc stepped into the role of pastor at LIttle River in June, 2018. He joined our church family in January, 2014, as our Associate Pastor. Since then he has taken the lead in guiding Little River along the path that God would have us travel. Marc is a native of Henderson County. His call to the ministry required changes in his career goals and changes in his focus. Since that time of change, Marc has completed studies at Fruitland Bible Institute, a Bachelor's in Christian Ministry at North Greenville, and is currently pursuing a Masters at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. His wife, Samantha works in Henderson County and finds time to be an awesome mom and an avid runner. Their children, Emily and Lucas, are the apples of both dad and mom's eye.

James Cain

Minister of Music & Education

James and his family have come to serve with us from the Lake Lure- Mill Springs, NC area.  . He demonstrates a love of the Lord, a love of worship, and a commitment to following Christ. He comes to us with a bachelor's form ASU and a MA in Religion from LIberty.  

More importantly, he comes to LIttle River bringing a love of music, a love of His Lord, a commitment to serve God in whatever capacity and area God places him.

We look forward to many years serving the Lord together here at LIttle River.


Debbie Barney

Office Manager/Treasurer

Debbie is our Office Manager/Treasurer which translates into our "everything." In this spot, she must be and is "all things to all people." We think Debbie has returned home. She was here many years ago when her father, Wendell, served as the pastor. Debbie is an organizer and working very hard to get us whipped into shape. She is outstanding in the work that she does here for our church. She and her husband, Richard, moved here from Columbia, SC, and have become an active part of the church. They have two children, Addair and Elizabeth. They also have two precious grandchildren,Luke and Cruz.

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