the haven

LRBC had the opportunity to participate in a local mission opportunity in the spring of 2015.  We were able to work with The Haven to help with some much needed cleaning and repairs.  LRBC participated in a massive grounds cleanup, painting their residence building, setting up children's playground.    Fellowship... hard work... good friends.....what more could anyone ask as they search for ways to make a difference.

The Haven is a shelter to temporarily house homeless men and women.  It is a safe secure residence where they can be helped to get back on their feet.

We are going back to the Haven on Saturday, August 20th, 2016.  9am until.  There is lots of work to be done; work will be followed by a picnic.  Please come and help.

War West Virginia

LRBC has been partnering with the people of War, WV, for several years.  Our key contact for this mission work is Tank Plemmons.  We often go with a truck of supplies --whether it be food or clothes or other items -- to try the people who live in the area.  This is/was coal-mining country, but with the changes that have occurred over the past few years, very little opportunities to earn any type of income have dwindled away.  May 13-14, 2016, however, gave us an opportunity to go and spend time with the people--both adults and the children.  This particular time was their annual Fishing Day--just a great big where the kids get to fish and folks get to enjoy just being together.  Hot Dogs and goodies are served while the fishing is happening.  Our church went---to serve hot dogs, to help fish, to share God's word.  Such a blessing is always found when God allows us to work for him wherever He needs us.

War WV

More pictures from our most recent trip- May 13-14, 2016


We believe that we are called to spread the love of Christ through word and deed locally, nationally, and around the world!  

Members of LRBC serve in various capacities to do the work that God has called us to. 

Current and Recent Mission fields include:

  • The Haven in Brevard, NC
  • Haiti
  • War, WV
  • Hillcrest Baptist Church and Ministries, Butler PA

Butler PA Reload

A ministry team has returned to Butler, PA, to work with the Hillcrest Baptist Church/Ministries and Center City September 25-30, 2017. Through God's grace, this faithful group has the opportunity to expand the ministry in the city of Butler into a building of their own.

LRBC team is working with them, readying their church building for its first services on Sunday morning, October 1, 2017.

Cleaning, plaster repair, painting---you name it---all are happening in the Center City Church God's Word will be shared in this Center City Church.   To God be the glory.

We look forward to many opportunities to partner with Hillcrest  in the future

Please follow their work with the following links:

Overview of work to be done at Center City Church Butler PA:

Recap of Day 1 Work:

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Butler PA Reload  (9/25-9/30, 2017)------Hurricane Relief Work Ocala Fl (9/28-10/2, 2017)

  • butler pa- day one recap

    The team has worked very hard, accomplishing many of the tasks before them.  Much work is still to be done.

    Choose the picture on the left to view the Day One Recap.

  • Butler pa reload-day two recap

    Much has been accomplished today--much more still to be done.  Reinforcement workers arrived from eastern NC in the person of Mitch. It is very good to have him with us.

    Choose the link on the left to view today's recap.

  • Butler PA Reload -overview

    An Overview of the work to be done this week as this team partners with Hillcrest Baptist Church/ Ministries to ready a  building for Woship Services in downtown Butler at Center City Church.

    Choosing the picture on the left will provide you an overview of the work to be done.

  • Butler PA reload-Day 3

    The team has done a lot of work.  This is their last day for work as they are headed home to NC tomorrow.  Please pray for safe travels for them.  Check out the link on the left for the recap.

  • Florida Mission team-Sept 29

    Just a quick video from Jenny of the area where LRBC will be serving.  Please choose the link on the left.

Butler PA - Year 3

Both youth and adults traveled to Butler PA this summer and spent many hours working on projects that Hillcrest Ministries - including Hillcrest Baptist Church, Center City Baptist Church, and Terrace Apartments- are involved in.  It was a wonderful of renewing friendships and finding joy in working together for the ongoing of God's Kingdom in the Butler area.  With God's grace and provision, we hope to forge a lasting relationship with this ministry team.  

Reaching out to the community -- construction, painting, canvassing, flyers, music, puppets, working in the city park.   The partner church is Hillcrest Baptist Church with a vision statement of "Empowering Everyday People to Live for God."  What an opportunity!

Check out these pictures from the MissionTrip to Butler


LIttle River has had people traveling to Pignon, Haiti, for many years.   We have partnered with Mr. Fred Wall, a missionary in this area.   Mr. Wall and his wife, Joyce, have been in Haiti for about 30 years, building churches, training pastors, providing a medical clinic for the people in the area.  He has a unending love for the people of Haiti.  An LRBC team travels about once a year (usually in the January to March time frame) to Haiti to work with Mr. Fred in whatever needs to be done.  Spring 2016 found them building trusses for two churches so that others could use to roof them; cleaning and painting an apartment so that it can used for volunteers to come and work; helping out in the clinic; painting a church both inside and out.  There is much need in Haiti--the opportunities for service are endless.

Haiti 2017

Eight people traveled from NC to Pignon, Haiti during the month of February, 2017.  The purpose in going was to work with Missionary Fred Wall and his wife, Joyce.  Their projected plans included building trusses for the roofs of two new churches that a team from SC would come later and put on the churches, and working with Ms.Wall providing medical services to  many of the people in ths area.  The two ladies with medical training who worked in the clinics were Becky Meneses and Bailee Blackburn.  Our team also included 6 men who have worked hard to meet the goals of the trip. The men's names were Pastor Chris Farmer, John Gates, Mark McCall, Larry Merrill, Raymond Merrill, and Mike Wilson.  AND those goals changed:  instead of two sets of church trusses, they needed to build three sets.  In addition they also needed to help with the plans, setup, and possible partial construct of another set of trusses for Mr. Wall warehouse.  God has enabled those six men and two ladies to accomplish much in His name.


Here are pictures of that 4th set of trusses going up on the Depot roof.  Pictures are from Feb 24-28.--looks like one side is completed right now?

Haiti 2018

Ten people traveled from Penrose to Pignon, Haiti this year to spend a week with Missionaries Fred and Joyce Wall.  While there, trusses were built for one new church building and for the library addition to the Bible College.  Both the interior and exterior of two churches were painted.  The interior of the Wall's home was repainted.  Medical clinics were  held out at the two churches being painted with more than 160 people seen for illnesses.  

View pictures from the Haiti 2018 trip at the following link:

Haiti 2018 Pictures: